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My Ricketts family line was from the Isle of Wight.
In 1642 Edward Ricketts arrived in the USA followed by Frances Ricketts in 1650. Both Edward & Francis are believed to have been brothers. History says, there was also a William Ricketts who immigrated to Maryland in 1654 where he made his living as a farmer.
* * * I haven't made the link from my William Ricketts to 'Ricketts' in Maryland.
Please Email me if you have information connecting these lines.
I pick up my direct connection to the Ricketts line below.

William Ricketts

Elizabeth Huffman
William Ricketts
Elizabeth Huffman

William Ricketts was no doubt a descendant of the above mentioned ancestors. He too was born December 6, 1804 in Maryland.
He moved to Missouri where he made his living as a farmer. He met and married Elizabeth Huffman on July 5, 1842 in Clay Co., Missouri.
Together they had 9 Children that I know of.
William Ricketts burial

John Ricketts
Henry Ricketts
Amanda Ricketts
William Ricketts, Jr.
Thomas T. Ricketts
John B. Ricketts
Henry Ricketts
b. September 5, 1843
(m. Albin Douglas)
d. Mar 14, 1880 in Jackson, MO   burial
b. August 24, 1846 in MO.
d. January 30, 1902
in Bickleton, Washington.
b. 1848
d. WA or AZ?
(living in WA in 1889)
b. August 15, 1849 Kansas City, MO
(married Anna Strahan)
  • Children
    d. January 8, 1938 Oakland, CA
  • b. January 1852 Missouri

    d. 1930's Los Angeles, CA
    Sallie Ricketts
    Dillie Ricketts
    Roland Ricketts
    Sarah 'Sallie' Ricketts
    Melissa 'Dillie' Ricketts
    Martha H. Ricketts
    Roland L. Ricketts
    b. January 20, 1857 Missouri
    (married Michael Brenner)
  • Children
  • b. June 7, 1858 Jackson Co., MO
    (married John W. Carman)
  • Children
  • b. 1859
    d. Missouri?

    b.May 5, 1862
    (m. Narcissa Marr-Wiley)
    d. January 23, 1934 in Walla Walla, WA


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