Matthew Lennox
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Matthew Lennox was born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland in 1877.
He had a shoppe (pictured below right) in Blantyre, Scotland for many years where he worked as a watchmaker, jeweler and optician.
Matthew and his sister Meg were siblings to my great grandmother, Agnes Lennox who died at the early age of 32 due to typhoid fever; 2 weeks after giving birth to my grandfather.
Matthew and Meg were the only blood line that kept in touch with my grandfather even though he didn't find out he was adopoted for many years. The Lennox name was passed on to my grandfather as a middle name after being adopted by the Buchanans in 1915. My father inherited the Lennox name as a first name so on to me. The name Matthew was passed on to my uncle (Dad's brother) and so on to his son.

Matthew Lennox

Matthew Lennox - right

This is my Great Uncle Matthew Lennox in Dunfermline.
Above is Matthew Lennox's Business in Blantyre.

October 14, 2012
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