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This page is dedicated to my Hodge / Hogg ancestry.
If you know of any other ancestors, please email me.
I have found William & Mary Hodge originating from Canada in the 1830's.
I believe my Hodge origins were from Scotland prior to that, but have only confirmed this by the US and Canadian Census.

William F. Hodge
Born June 27, 1831 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died tragically in a farming accident at 74 years old.
married Mary Ann Heron

Lived in Fullertan, Perth, Canada 1860 - 1885.
Lived in Hanson Co., South Dakota 1894 - 1900.
Mary Hodge was living with daughter Olive Kuhns in Hanson Co., SD 1920.

Interred originally in Orienta, Oklahoma.
Later was moved to where he is now at rest at 'Hope cemetery' Hull, Sioux Co., Iowa.
Link to William Hodge's Farm Land Record

  1. Isabella Althea Hodge
  2. Cassius Collins Hodge
  3. Ida May Hodge
  4. Carmi Itheal Hodge
  5. Harriet 'Hattie' Hodge
  6. William Furley Hodge
  7. Olive E. Hodge
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Manitoba Flag Isabella Althea (Hodge) Boyes

Born June 28, 1861 Peel, Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
(married John R. Boyes)
1913 to 1932 living in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Died December 25, 1932 in Regina, Saskatchewan
Bella is buried at the Brandon Cemetery in Brandon, Manitoba
Her children were:

  1. William Earl Boyes
    married Grace Arnott
  1. Delbert Calvin Boyes
    married Kezia Hawitt
  1. Russell Robert Boyes
    married Etta Grasby
  1. Opal Vera Boyes
    married Norman Montgomery
  1. Lillian Mae Boyes
    married Hyman Tyerman
  1. Walter Ralph Boyes
    married Mary E. Wilson

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Oklahoma State Flag Cassius Collins Hodge

Born April 13, 1862 in Montreal, Canada
(married Emma Jane Kessler)
living in Orienta, Major Co., Oklahoma 1905
Died September 8, 1924 in Orienta, Oklahoma
He is buried at the Saron Mennonite Cemetery
Cash's children:

  1. Ray Chester Hodge
    m. Gladys Fauty
  1. Wm. Lambert Hodge
    (d. 20 yrs old)
  1. Sylvia Katherine Hodge
    m. Ora James Reames
  1. Pearley Lee Hodge
    (d. infant)
  1. Opal Susan Hodge
    m. 'Ray' Drumheller
  1. Viola Irene Hodge
    m. Merwyn Atkinson
  1. Howard Guy Hodge
    (d. infant)
  1. Furley Calvin Hodge
    (d. 35 yrs old)
  1. Lila Esther Hodge
    married: 1. Clayton Sturgeon   2. Louie Beach
  1. Cassius Everet Hodge
    (d. 12 yrs old)
  1. Lester Lesley Hodge
    m. Treon Downey
    (d. 30 yrs old)
  1. Lula Grace Hodge
    m. Ray Adams

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Ida & Noble Kessler
Iowa State flag Ida May (Hodge) Kessler
Born July 6, 1864 in Ontario, Canada
(married Noble Kessler)
Died May 9, 1929 in Iowa

Her Children were:

  1. Harvey Lowell Kessler
    married Nellie E. Cox
  2. William George 'Wayne' Kessler
    married Rena A. Sterner

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Carmi Hodge
Iowa State flag Carmi Itheal Hodge
Born May 1, 1866 in Ontario, Canada
(married Alpharetta Evans)
immigrated to the US in 1883
living in Hull, Iowa 1885 - 1905
living in Garfield Twp, Lyon Co., Iowa 1910
Died tragically of an alcohol induced suicide.
Buried at
'Hope cemetery' Hull, Sioux Co., Iowa.

14 children:
  1. Alva Bernice Hodge
    m. Walter L. Linton
  1. Verna Hodge
    m. Clayton G. Bawden
  1. Amy Hodge
    m. Lyall Bryant
  1. Furley Evans Hodge
    m. Annabel Potter
  1. Viva Perle Hodge
    m. Peter Luinstra
  1. Dale Carmi Hodge
    m. Eveyln A. Stombaugh
  1. William Hodge
    (d. infant)
  1. Merle Clayton Hodge
    (d. 24 yrs old)
  1. Orville Charles Hodge
    m. Ethel Hayes
  1. Sylvan Hodge
    (d. infant)
  1. Floyd Evans Hodge
    m. Frances
  1. Montie Cyril Hodge
    m. Belle Stombaugh
  1. George Hodge
    m. Louise Brinkman
  1. Clare Carmi Hodge
    m. Margaret Clevenstine

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George & Hattie Vickers
Iowa State flag Harriet "Hattie" (Hodge) Vickers
born January 16, 1872 in Ontario, Canada
(married George M. Vickers)
George was an executive and owned livestock in Sioux City, Iowa
no children or family currently known.

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California State Flag William 'Furley' Hodge
Born February 9, 1880 in Canada
(married Bessie Baughman)
Furley moved West to California,
settling in Burbank, where he died January 30, 1951.
His children were:
  1. Thelma Celia Hodge
    married Elmer Jack Bailey
  1. Dural Lee Hodge
    married Mary Ann Watkins
  1. Marlys June Hodge
    married Carl Wittenhagen
  1. Harold Keith Hodge
    married Sally H. Johnston

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Olive Kuhns South Dakota State flag Olive Ethel (Hodge) Kuhns
Born November 1880 in Canada
(married Elmer Kuhns)
Olive died in South Dakota.

Her Children were:
  1. Forest R. Kuhns
  2. married Dora Ann Tunicliff
  3. Waldo Elmer Kuhns
  4. married Leeta A. Smith
  5. Lowell Langora Kuhns
  6. - died as infant

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Special Thanks to Lowell Kessler, Duke Kessler, Gene Hodge, Jon Nelson, & Sylvia Reames (RIP)