Saint George of England Massachusetts State Flag
My Hammond line originally came from Melford, Suffolk Co., England.
They settled in Newton, Massachusetts in the mid 1600's.
My First American Hammond Ancestors were: Massachusetts State Flag

Isaac Hammond
born: December 20, 1668 in Newton, MA
married Ann Kenrick December 7, 1692 in Newton, MA.
died: January 1, 1714/15 in Newton, MA
  1. Josiah Hammond
    m. 1. Mary Davis 2. Sybil Holmes
  1. Jonathan Hammond
    m. Katherine Davis
  1. Margaret Hammond
    m. Joseph Cheney II
  1. Esther Hammond
    m. Samuel Chamberlain
  1. Issac Hammond, Jr.
    m. Mary Chamberlain
  1. Elijah Hammond
    m. 1. Mary Kingsbury 2. Abigail Terry
  1. Hannah Hammond
    m. Bartholomew Green

Josiah Hammond

Massachusetts State Flag
1. Mary Davis
2. Sybil Holmes

Josiah died October 5, 1793 in Woodstock, Connecticut Conneticut State Flag
Josiah & both wives are buried at
Woodstock Hill Cemetery - Woodstock, Connecticut
Josiah & Mary's Children:
  1. Josiah Hammond, Jr.
    m. Abigail Durkee
  1. Asabel Hammond
    - died as infant
  1. David Hammond
    - died as child
  1. Anna Hammond
    m. Daniel Kimball
  1. Asa Hammond
    m. Lois Durkee
  1. Mary Hammond
    - unknown
  1. Ansel Hammond
    - died as infant
  1. Hezekiah Hammond
    m. Lucy Griffin
  1. David Hammond
    - unknown
  1. John Hammond
    m. 1. Abigail Fuller   2. Abigail Moulton
  1. Mary Hammond
    - unknown

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John Hammond

Born: December 16, 1729 in Woodstock, Connecticut
Betsy Ross
* * * Was a company Sergeant in the Revolutionary War
under Captain George Rogers Clark's Company in 1778.
married: 1. Abagail Fuller     2. Abagail Moulton
John died in Brooklyn, Windham Co., Connecticut Conneticut State Flag
* * * Looking for burial info & photo of Gravesite.
children with Abagail Fuller:
children with Abagail Moulton:
  1. Abigail Hammond
    - died young
  2. John Hammond
    - died young
  3. Abigail Hammond
    m. Delano Pierce
  4. Lois Hammond
    m. Stephen Preston
  5. John Hammond
    - died young

  1. Elizabeth Hammond
    - died young
  1. John Hammond
    - unknown
  1. Mary Hammond
    - unknown
  1. Elizabeth Hammond
    - unknown
  1. Robert Hammond
    m. Ruany Ferris
  1. Anna Hammond
    - unknown
  1. Hannah Hammond
    - unknown
  1. Alice Hammond
    - unknown

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Conneticut State Flag

Robert Hammond

New York State Flag
born December 23, 1763 in Windham, CT
died June 1, 1846 in Ticonderoga, Essex Co., NY
Betsy Ross
* * * Military service - Revolutionary War
under Putnam & was at Valley Forge

Married - Ruany or Ruhama Ferris

  1. Jeddiah Hammond
    m. Ruby Wetherby
  1. Carolyn or Cordelia Hammond
  1. Rosanna Hammond
    Almon Barlow
  1. David Hammond
    m. Mary Wetherby
  1. Alexander Hammond
    m. Samantha Caroline Brown
  1. Harry F. Hammond
    m. Katherine McKenzie
  1. Ruany or Ruanna Hammond
    m. Thaddeus Caufield
  1. Jabez Hammond
    m. Rebecca Reynolds
  1. Asa Hammond
    m. Mary Hay
  1. Moulton Hammond
    m. unknown
  1. Robert Hammond
    m. Mary Valentine








New York State Flag Alexander Hammond Wisconsin State Flag
born June 22, 1800 in Ticonderoga, Essex Co., NY
died August 26, 1879 in Cottage Grove, Dane Co., WI

Married Samantha 'Caroline' Brown
  1. Emma Hammond
    (married Francis Burr Marble)
    1. Maud Marble
    2. Ella Marble
    3. Harry Marble
  2. Joanna Cordelia Hammond - (pictured)
    (married Francis Marion Kelly) * * Children
  3. Ruany or Ruhama Hammond
  4. Roswell Hammond
  5. Robert Alexander Hammond
    (married Ann Arthur)
    1. Mary Maud Hammond
    2. Arthur Hammond
    3. Asa Hammond
    4. Olive Hammond
    5. Robert Hammond
Joana Hammond + Francis Kelly
* Currently adding more research on these families.
I've come across several people doing Hammond research and many willing to share great information online.
As always, make sure to follow up and check sources to verify you have come to the most accurate possible conclusions.
Good luck!
George Kelly