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Thomas William Grasby

Thomas William Grasby

with wife Elizabeth White & family left Hotham, Yorkshire, England
for Ontario, Canada (1856), eventually settling in Neepawa, Manitoba.

  1. James Grasby
  2. George Grasby
  3. Mary Elizabeth Grasby
  4. Frances 'Fanny' Grasby
  5. John Franklin Grasby

  1. Hannah Grasby
  2. Rachael Grasby
  3. William Grasby
  4. Thomas Franklin Grasby
  5. Martha Louise Grasby
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William Grasby& Martha Ann Potts
were married in Minnendosa, Manitoba on October 16, 1889.
Together they lived in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada for many years.

William Grasby's Grave in Brandon, Manitoba.

Manitoba Coat of Arms

Children :
  1. Etta Elizabeth Grasby
    (married Russell R. Boyes)
  2. Margaret Maria Grasby
    * married
    1. William George Jardine
    2. Norman Kalbfliesh

  3. Edith May Grasby
    (married Walter Joseph Wiley)
  4. George Albert Grasby
    (married Clara McGillaury)
  5. Arthur Clifford Grasby
    (married Viola Margaret King)
  6. Mary Gertrude Grasby
    (married William Wiley)
  7. Eleanor Francis Grasby
    (married Alec Fisher Stevenson)
  8. William John Grasby
    (married Muriel Isabel Johnston)

William & Martha Grasby Family

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October 13, 2012
Special thanks to Carmin and Norma Grasby for the photos.