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Below are my Fraser Ancestors going back to Loth & Kildonan parishes in Sutherland, Scotland. This is by no means a complete list but rather it is a work in progress that I hope may help other Fraser researchers find each other. I will continue to add to the page.

Oliver Fraser
married Barbara Maculay
known children:
  1. John Fraser
    married - Mary Sutherland
  2. Barbara Fraser
    married - Alexander Sutherland
    1. Oliver Sutherland
    2. George Sutherland
  1. Adam Fraser
    married - Catherine "Katie" Sutherland
    * 17 children
  2. Mary Fraser
    married - George Sutherland
    1. Elspeth Sutherland
    2. Barbara Sutherland

John Fraser
married Mary Sutherland
John Oliver Fraser

John Oliver Fraser
was born in Glasgow, Scotland.
married Jane Munro
June 20, 1845 Loth & Kildonan, Scotland
Together they had 8 children:
  1. Mary Fraser
    born 1846 Kildonan, Scotland
  2. Christina Fraser
    born January 8, 1849 Edinburgh, Scotland
  3. Georgina Fraser
    born November 23, 1850 Edinburgh, Scotland
    married James Colin Sutherland
  4. Barbara Fraser
    born June 10, 1853 Edinburgh, Scotland
  5. Hugh Fraser
    born August 29, 1855 Kildonan, Scotland
    * moved to USA
  1. Catharine Houston Reid Fraser
    born Oct. 5, 1857 Kildonan, Scotland
    died June 2, 1861 Kildonan, Scotland
  2. Johan Fraser
    born Dec. 2, 1860 Kildonan, Scotland
    died Oct. 31, 1862 Kildonan, Scotland
  3. John Fraser
    born January 4, 1863 Kildonan, Scotland
    1. Mary Fraser
    2. William Fraser
    3. John Hugh Fraser
    4. Isabella Fraser

Georgina Fraser

born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
married 'James Colin Sutherland'
December 2, 1871 in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland.
They had 8 Children.

In 1872 Georgina and oldest son John departed Scotland for Ontario, Canada.
She settled in Wellessey, Ontario with her husband James who had left Scotland the previous year for work obligations.
Husband James C. Sutherland was a Stone Mason who later would work on the Panama Canal.

Family picture of Georgina (Fraser) Sutherland with children & grandchildren.

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