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Richard Dudgeon I

was a native of Scotland, eventually settling in Ireland where he married Sarah Grant.
Richard died in Innishfree, No. Ireland.

  1. Richard Dudgeon II
  2. John Dudgeon
    b. Abt. 1795 in Innishfree, Ireland
    d. September 06, 1837 in Ohio
    m. Elizabeth McConnell
  3. Thomas Dudgeon
    b. 1797 in Inishfree, Ireland
    m. Isabella Scott
  1. Gale Grant Dudgeon
    b. 1800 in Inishfree, Ireland
    d. 1861 in Illinois
    m. Annie McConnell
  2. Guy Dudgeon
    b. November 08, 1803 in Inishfree, Ireland
    d. November 06, 1885 in Loudon Twp, Carroll Co., Ohio
    m. Sophia Charlott Shober
    Sarah (Grant) Dudgeon

    Sailed from Ireland to America in about 1820 with her children (above),
    settling in the Carroll County area of Ohio.


Richard Dudgeon II
was born in Ireland and came to America with his mother.
married Susanna. Richard Dudgeon II died March 1836 in Amsterdam, Ohio
  1. Sarah "Sally" Dudgeon
    b. June 30, 1819 in PA d. October 6, 1899
    (married Thomas Loughead)
  2. William Dudgeon
    b. October 29, 1820 in PA died March 16, 1897
    (married Anna Jane Weir )
  3. Isabella Dudgeon
    b. January 12, 1822 in OH
    died young
  4. Ann Dudgeon
    b. September 1823
    died young
  5. John Dudgeon
    b. October 20, 1824
    (married Elizabeth Weir)
  1. Rebecca Dudgeon
    b. April 15, 1826 Amsterdam, OH
    d. May 11, 1910 Shell Rock, Butler Co., IA
    (married John Wesley Miner)
  2. Richard Dudgeon III
    b. August 26, 1827 Amsterdam, OH
    (married Deliverance Hall Ball)
  3. Grant Dudgeon
    b. January 31, 1830 d. September 12, 1907
    (married Frances McClelland Johnson)
  4. Charles W. Dudgeon
    b. April 4, 1833
    (married Mary C. [Still?])
  5. James Dudgeon
    b. March 29, 1835 d. November 27, 1857


Richard Dudgeon III

Richard Dudgeon III
was a Methodist Preacher
married Deliverance Hall Ball
October 14, 1851 in Jefferson Town, Green Co., Wisconsin
He died September 1898
Buried in Madison, Wisconsin

Richard & Deliverance Dudgeon's

  1. Richard Ball Dudgeon IV
    b. 1853 in Redwing, Goodhue Co., Minnesota
    (married Ella Viola Cone) | Dudgeon Park
    * Children
    1. Wanda M. Dudgeon
    2. Richard C. Dudgeon
    3. Sidney B. Dudgeon
  2. Emma Dudgeon
    b. 1855 in Spring Grove, Green Co., Wisconsin
    (married William F. Quirk)
    * Son
    1. Leslie Quirk (1882-1960)
  1. Sarah Rebecca Dudgeon
    b. March 10, 1860 in Dane Co., Wisconsin
    (married EJ Baskerville)
  2. Edith Dudgeon
    b. 1869 in Oregon, Dane Co., Wisconsin
    d. Jan. 10, 1911 St. Louis, MO
  3. Matthew Simpson Dudgeon
    b. July 18, 1871
    (married Mabel)
    * Children
    1. Lucille Dudgeon
    2. Edith Dudgeon

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