Scottish Flags
I have lineage to the following Clans:

NAME Scottish Clan
"Buchanan" Buchanan
"McGregor" MacGregor
"Campbell" Campbell
"Mann" Gunn
"Taylor" Cameron
"McLeod" MacLeod
"Peters" Lamont
"Smith" Chattan
"Lennox" MacFarlane
"Weir" MacFarlane
"Dick" Boyd
"Boyes" Forbes
"Watson" Buchanan


"Bannerman" Forbes
"Fraser" Fraser
"Munro" Munro


Tracing my family roots over the years I have found ties to the following Clans. My grandfather (father's father) was born with the Surname "Mann" but lost his parents as an infant. He was adopted by the Buchanans and renamed. Technically I would be a sept of the Gunn Clan by blood; however, had the Buchanans not adopted my grandfather, he would have been raised in Scotland rather than Canada and I would not be writing this now. I have a great deal of respect for all the Scots Clans and families that came before me and am proud to say I will always be a Scot.
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