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Below you'll find a little bit of my Ball ancestry. The names & information below are by no means 100% accurate. At present these are the best facts I've found on my Ball lineage. I hope to do more research on these lines and update the page further. I've found there are several other researchers doing 'Ball' genealogy. You'll likely find researchers with much more information than I have at
worldconnect and the Ball Family Forum. If you have more accurate or conflicting information than on this page, please let me know. Hope you enjoy the page!
* * Seeking photos for any of the below 'Ball' Graves. * *

John Ball
was a native of Northumberland, England, eventually settling in Dunbartonshire, Scotland where he died.
He married Annie Mariah McFarlene
in 1687 in Scotland.
Their son:

John McFarlene Ball
was born in Dunbartonshire, Scotland in 1690.

Ball Coat of Arms

John McFarlene Ball
immigrated to Ireland where he married Mary McBride.
Together they immigrated to the USA, settling in Fairfax, Virginia.
  1. John McFarlene Ball, Jr.
  2. William Ball
  3. Jasper Ball
  4. Farling Ball

John McFarlene Ball, Jr.
b. May 10, 1730 in Virginia
d. 1804/1805 in Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co., Virginia
Revolutionary War Service:
"McFarlene" Ball was commissioned a Captain in the Continental Army 12 May 1777.

1st wife's name is unknown 2nd wife was Mary Hague
  1. Mary Ball
  2. James Ball
  3. John Ball
  4. Leah Ball
  5. William Ball
  1. Elizabeth Ball
  2. Samuel Ball

James Ball
b. abt. 1750 in Loudon Co., Virginia
d. May 7, 1824 in Smithfield, Jefferson Co., Ohio
m. 1st wife Mary Brown August 8, 1770 in Waterford, Virginia.
m. 2nd wife Ruth Woods April 26, 1786 in Loudon Co., Virginia.
* Note a few of the children below may be Mary's instead of Ruth's.
Children with Mary Brown:
Children with Ruth Woods:
  1. John Ball
  2. Elizabeth Ball
  3. William Ball
  4. Henry Ball

  1. James Ball
  2. Farlin Ball
  3. Martha Ball
  4. David Ball
  5. Ruth Ball
  6. Elizabeth Ball
  7. Rachael Ball
  8. Rebecca Ball

  1. Abigail Ball
  2. Naomi Ball
  3. Susanna Ball
  4. Henry Ball
  5. John Ball
  6. Hannah Ball
  7. Narcissa Ball

Farlin Ball
b. May 3, 1788 in Loudon Co., Virginia
lived in Jefferson Co., Ohio after he was married until 1849, when he moved to Green Co., Wisconsin.
d. December 5, 1867 in Juda, Green Co., Wisconsin /
m. May 16, 1811 to Elizabeth Moores in Salem, Jefferson Co., Ohio.

  1. James Moores Ball
    m. Keturah Ford
  2. Rebecca Ball - died 20 yrs. old
  3. Sarah T. Ball
    m. David Maxwell
  4. David Wakeman Ball
    m. Catherine Smock
  5. John Ball - died as infant
  6. Elizabeth Ball
  1. Ruth Evaline Ball
    m. David Watt
  2. Elizanah Ball
  3. Deliverance Hall Ball
    b. February 7, 1831 in Richmond, Jefferson, Co., Ohio
    d. April 24, 1912 in Madison, Dane Co., Wisconsin
  4. Henry Ball - died as infant
  5. Farlin Moores Ball
    m. Racheal Adelaide Miller

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October 16, 2010

Special thanks to Donna Tivener and Richard Nye for information on their lines.